Trend?!: Crowd-Blogging


Recently i stumbled upon two blogs – or blogazines to be more accurate – that seem to have no fixed author-teams, but are filled by a large number of people that might not know each other before or have no common background so it seems.


This multi-blog or collab-blog or magazine-blog or however you want to call it, offers it’s (invited) writers a nicely styled and responsive webpage that resembles but shows a individual logo or image. They call themselves a new kind of magazine consisting of a network of (digital) writers and want to make sharing and discovering new ideas easier. Screenshot
On their startpage new articles by network-authors are featured thus making it a very dynamic page which offers something new, every time you visit.

Every writer has his own keyvisual on his svbtle-webpage which mostly seems to be their second webpage as their primary webpage is linked to on the left side.

Another example is – a really simple and beautifully designed blog. At the moment only invited authors can write but the aim of medium is to scale their number of users up. At the moment it’s like dribble or ffffound: you need to be invited to write, which makes seem somewhat exclusive but with the effect of high quality writing.

The advantage for writers seem to me the reach of – which some writers might not be able to reach with their own website.’s gain might be that some day they may add advertisement to earn some money or offer a subscription option you have to pay for (or only for the very best content or full articles). screenshot

Medium’s innovative way to comment

On i especially like the way you can add comments. Simply mark some text and press the speech-bubble – alternatively you can twitter a the marked text as a quote, which is a perfectly popular use-case for twitter.

tweet or comment

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18. Juli 2013, Simon Theis
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